Elly Hoyt is a UK-based contemporary vocal coach working with intermediate, semi-pro and professional singers specialising in healthy vocal production through style appropriate vocal technique and musicianship. 

Throughout her extensive studies, she has developed a detailed technical understanding of vocal function, physiology and anatomy, stylistic requirements of contemporary voice as well as excellent practical skills in teaching healthy vocal technique.  

What you can expect 

In her teaching practice, she incorporates methods from both classical and contemporary models and strongly believes that it is valuable to use a range of methods to suit different students’ needs. Singing technique and performance longevity for all singers of all contemporary styles is her first priority.

Elly has over 14 years’ experience in teaching voice to individuals and groups. Most recently she was a faculty member at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University where she taught one on one singing lessons to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

She currently teaches in higher education including vocal technique/s and styles and songwriting at BIMM Institute London, UK.

"Elly prepared me for auditions which led me to sing with musicians such as James Morrison, and to successfully audition for a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance. Most importantly, she helped me to achieve the vocal technique and confidence that has allowed me to sing healthily and happily." - Astrid Jorgenson | Pub Choir

If you want a super talented, non-judgemental, knowledgeable, easygoing and caring vocal teacher Elly is the one you are looking for. Elly is really good at getting to know your voice. She uses pedagogical tools in her teaching that helps you understand what you are doing and how you can use your body in the best way when singing. ” - Iona Isabella


Elly is an incredible teacher and I am so lucky to have worked with her. I started learning from Elly actively after I completed a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy and my voice was profoundly transformed as a result.” - Genevieve Walden

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